About Residential Management Solutions Ltd


We pride our ourselves on our personal “hands on” approach in dealing with all Residentail Management Services. The key structure of our success is taking on Management Blocks, which have been mismanaged by other Managing Agents, and to quickly understand the issues, and needs of the Landlord and Leaseholders. 

We at RMS understand this is vital to protecting the interest of the individual Leaseholders and their investment as well as the interest of the Landlord. Poor Residential Management can have a significant impact on the Leaseholders financially and can affect the value of their property and the day-to-day life of those who occupy the properties.

In contrast to other Management Agents, we at RMS understand the need for;

“Good and proactive Management of  Residential Blocks and Developments”

The need to have a;

“Consistent approach to maintain and stabilise Service Charges payments”

To provide;

“Value for money and to utilise Service Charge expenditure wisely and to work within the budgets and to monitor contractors work and payments"

To have a;

Hands on approach with the Leaseholders and understand and address any concerned they may have about their property, block or Development.”  

To achieve these objectives we understand the need to provide;

  • Have a high level of communication between clients and staff.
  • To demonstrate good and sound Financial Management.
  • To have a full understanding of the leases and relevant legislation.
  • A dedicated and reliable team of approved contractors that allows us to review costing’s for services and negotiate a fair and reasonable competitive pricing for services, maintenance and repairs.
  • Check all workmanship for quality before signing off any payments.
  • To provide competitive Building Insurance.
  • To have a “hands on approach” both on the development and with the owners or tenants in occupation of the apartments.
  • To review complaints of noise, nuisance and disruptive tenants.
  • To be on call to cover emergency contact. 

RMS is passionate about Property Management and Maintenance and this is what makes us different for other Managing Agents. 



About Property Management


Steve Lavin (Mob: 07468 490002)


Steve started his career in the Legal Profession in 1985. He has been involved in a wide variety of legal matters and provided professional legal advice to clients. His work over the years has involved Insolvency, (Liquation’s and Bankruptcy cases), Litigation (contract disputes), Personal Injury claims (road traffic, occupiers liability and employers liability claims). From 2005 he developed an interest in Property Management and worked for a major property developer in Manchester. In 2008 he took his property experiences and skills to RMS. As Operations Director and Company Secretary to RMS he is responsible for implementing Buildings Insurance, Collection of Service Charges, Credit Control, Administration of client ledgers and accounts, preparing for Annual General Meetings, Periodic Financial Reviews, filing of Accounts in compliance with the legislation and Legal Advisor to the Company.

Bob Hutchinson


Bob Hutchinson (Mob: 07887 588846)


Bob started his career in the Automotive Industry in 1980 as a trainee manager; servicing all the major car companies. At 21 years of age he gained his Engineering Degree and became responsible for 80 staff in the Manufacturing Departments from 1976 to 1979. From 1979 to 1987 he was instrumental in the development and implementation of a purchasing and logistic departments controlling a spend of c£7m. Then, from 1987 to 1991 became the Plant Manager responsible for turnover of c£10m. From 1991 to 1997 he took control of the UK purchasing departments and staff with responsibility for an increased spend of c£45m. From 1997 to 2007 he was the Managing Director of the UK and Turkey plants in charge of 450 staff and managers over 5 facilities with a turnover in excess of c£80m. From 2007 he retired and in 2008 he took an interest in Property Management. As Operations Directors of RMS his responsibilities are to undertaken regular site inspections, to negotiate contracts for services (window cleaning, gardening, maintenance works), to supervise and inspect works done for quality control and to ensure leaseholders Service Charge funds are utilised efficiently and wisely for the benefit of the leaseholders.

Jointly, Steve and Bob have a "hands on approach". They work to together as a team on all matters. They each have an understanding of the need for good and proactive Residential Management and cost effective Maintenance. The need to work for the benefit of the Leaseholders and Landlords and that is part of the success of RMS today!